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Why Whispering Willow

The Willow tree bends and twists to give shade, to be a refuge and a haven to rest. Its branches hang low and curve outrageously, yet it never breaks nor surrenders to challenging conditions – in fact, that’s where it thrives most! 

The willow tree flourishes because it inclines towards the water, its source of life and strength. It continues to stand despite how broken and misshapen it may seem on the outside.

The Whispering Willow Team seek to support and comfort the broken; to whisper truth into the hidden and dark corners of the world that are tainted with lies; to bring healing to the abused soul; to be a safe haven for the ones who were once in chains and to empower those weakened in the heat of the fallen world.

They will THRIVE like watered grass,

like willows on a riverbank.”

– Isaiah 44:4