Gender based discrimination is wide and rampant among the culture we work in. Millions of children and young girls are forced to drop out of school and give in to the cycle of poverty. Many young girls leave school without gaining basic skills like reading or writing and the lack of any secondary education, further diminishes their opportunities. This leads to many of them being at-risk and vulnerable to exploitation & sex trafficking.

We want to do something.

ElevateHER Academy is our next step to bridging the gap for the young girls & women.

Our Goal:

To provide an avenue for women and young girls to receive free education, training & empowerment in a safe environment. We want to see a world where women are able to make safe choices for themselves in order to protect them from gender based violence & exploitation.

Breaking down cultural barriers and paving a way for them to achieve all that they set their minds to do. We desire to raise women up to be influential and have a voice to change generations of women who will follow them.

To not just educate but inspire them to be

Change makers & Leaders.